I was cleaning my bathroom today, and had to moved my scale to clean under and around it. The top was liberally covered in cat hair and dust because I hadn't stepped on it in months. It still has the typical prominent placement in my bathroom, mostly because I'm too lazy to find another home for it. :)

I stepped up on it for the hell of it today. 246. I had zero reaction to this. I don't remember the exact number the last time I stepped on, just that it was in that range; and I didn't have any "that's so huge" response. It was fabulous. That one device no longer has the power to ruin my day.


I love self-righteous skinny people who have no idea about the biochemical underpinnings of the human body, or how psychology factors into weight loss, and think that telling someone who struggles with craving to "JUST STOP EATING" is going to create some lightbulb moment. :) Thanks, I've never heard or thought that before in my entire life.


I've been chugging along; haven't gained or lost any ground, and haven't been trying. Some of which, yes, is laziness; some of it is exhaustion; some of it is being broke and unfortunately ramen noodles are much cheaper than broccoli; and a lot of it is I just don't care enough to put the effort into it. I'm not unhappy with/because of my size, and the health problems aren't related (unless my body is storing fat in my turbinate bones in my sinuses and that's why they're blocking my airways :) ), and so I just don't have a motivation to put the time and effort into planning meals and cooking, etc.

So, in short, I've had nothing of note to post here, because ... well ... I'm fat and happy, and working two jobs, so I don't usually have time to expound on the aforementioned fathappiness. :)