I had sinus surgery just under two weeks ago, and spent a week basically asleep and eating jello. I had a couple of decent meals, thanks to my dad. When I got home and stepped on my scale out of curiosity, I wasn't entirely surprised I was down about eight pounds. Mostly muscle, I'm sure, since my gut feels as big as ever. :) The plus to it is that I can wear bras that I couldn't before. It's so obnoxious how five pounds affects the fit of my bras.

Since coming home, I've been eating a couple full meals a day and snacking on whatever a couple times a day. It's not a great eating pattern at all; but at least I've cooked for myself a few times, which I hadn't done in a long time. I even made my favorite beef and broccoli. :) It's not a lack of time preventing me from cooking and eating more; it's that I'm not hungry often, and thanks to a combination of circumstances I have very little money so I can't go get all the things I need to make all the things I want.

Hopefully, after I start working again (but only at one job!), I'll still feel like cooking. Of course, then I'll be frantically packing and preparing to move. And after moving I'll be unpacking and organizing and re-adjusting and working, and a month after moving I'll start school. But that's life, right? Nothing's ever perfect. I'm trying to remind myself of that. I've finally quite saying "I'll do x, y, and z when I'm thin"; now I need to work on maintaining establishing and maintaining some sort of organization and schedule to my life, and not thinking "I'll get organized when x, y, and z are better."

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