I've been in such a weird, sad mood since I got home from my trip. I feel all abstracted, out of sorts, like there's something big processing in my sub-consciousness. No idea what it is, though.

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  1. Squishy Says:

    Hi PurpleGirl,

    You know I have been feeling the same way lately. It's called a rut. Even after you take a vacation, you come home, unpack, and you are still you. That excitement that comes from traveling plays havoc with the back of the mind and leaves you in a frazzled state.

    Also, I think the fact that CL did not leave your life left you with anticipation of it, and when it didn't happen, you're like "well here we go again".

    Or it just might be the holiday blues. I keep telling people happy Hanukkah cause I really despire Christmas in all its forms.