So, hilariously enough, I'm a nutrition major. And for one of my classes, we're doing a "diet assessment" project. I have to analyze one person's food, and she analyzes mine. And ... I'm embarrassed. And angry about it. Because I don't want to be judged by this skinny-mini diet girl. And I call her that because I've had to analyze what she eats, and she's the type who measures out precise amounts of her Fiber One cereal in the morning and eats fat-free yogurt, etc.

Health has not been the order of the day when choosing my food the last few days--more whatever I see and like, I eat. I didn't eat hardly anything for days because of being sick, so now ...well ... FATGIRL MUST FEED. I don't usually care, but something about having to hand over my diet to be scrutinized by someone is really bothering me. Part of me wants to fake it and put down a perfect diet, but of course that would be playing into the stereotype of fat people lying about what they eat. But I don't want to tell a stranger that I had a pint of Ben & Jerry's for dinner. If I were an average sized person like her, she'd assume it was a one time thing. But I'm fat, so of course she'll think that's how I eat every damn day. Grr.

Oh well. That's her problem.

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