I have my eight o'clock class tomorrow; the one I hate going to because the professor is an obesity scaremonger. I'll be honest, I've missed more class sessions that I've been to. It's just hard to drag myself out of bed to go to a class where I have to listen to someone indirectly insult me by talking about how unhealthy fat people are, how they just need to be "educated", blabbity blah.

But I have to go tomorrow; I went on Tuesday and DoomProf cryptically mentioned something important for next week ... that she'd explain tomorrow. I freaking hate it when people do that--just tell us now! And then three hours after that I have a biochemistry exam that I thought was on Friday--thank god I double checked the date.

So I have to be up in about five hours (still studying), and I can't just come home and crawl back in to bed. Because I absolutely hate dragging myself out of bed a single minute earlier than I have to, I got everything ready tonight. I showered late this afternoon, so I don't have to worry about that in the morning. I have my backpack packed with everything I need. I have coffee in the espresso maker so all I have to do is turn it on. I have a bagel with cream cheese ready to go, and a protein drink as well. I even have my flavored creamer and hazelnut syrup already poured in a cup in the fridge so I just have to pour the coffee in. If I wouldn't be too hot, I'd sleep in my clothes. Hell, I'd sleep in my shoes. If my glasses weren't cracked, I wouldn't bother to put in my contacts tomorrow.

I detest mornings.

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  1. Simon Says:

    Even though I start work every day at 07.00, I still also hate mornings... but I find that getting things ready the night before does help. Laying out my underwear & clothes so I know where they are and don't have to turn the light on. Doing the same thing every morning, so I don't have to think, just do. Mornings DO suck, but it does mean I can get home by 15.15 which in the summer is brilliant.