Another gem from my asscrackofdawn nutritional assessment class. We're talking, much to my general disgust anyway, and BMI charts, specifically for children--because we've got to give those fat kiddos what for! In the course of talking about percentiles and distribution curves, the professor says (paraphrasing) "Some kids are born leaner and stay that way, and others have a little more fat, so we do see this curve naturally."

Hold your freaking horses! You mean .... people are different? People are born different sizes, and develop differently, almost like it's, I don't know genetic? Get the fuck out of town!

And three slides later, she did (get the fuck out of town, that is) when she made the pronouncement that women's waists shouldn't be bigger than 35 inches and men can be up to 40 inches around before they have the DEATHFAT.

This is why I hate going to this class. Everytime she says "diabeetus" or "obesity epidemic" I want to throw something at her. Like a chair. And my self-control isn't limitless.

4 Responses
  1. POD Says:

    You can't be the only robust person in the class, right?
    I'll bet most of the folks in the class feel defensive. I know I'd be horrified based on your descriptions of this class. But aren't robust folks allowed to take nutrition classes? They usually know more info about diet and nutrition than anyone else.

    (like how I use the word 'robust' -- I think it fits us.)

  2. jacque Says:

    arg! this is yet another reason for me not to go to school. lol! i would punch this lady in the face or argue with her till she wanted to punch herself in the face. i hate the "fat" debate. i hate the BMI scale. and i hate that people even get to have a say in who is fat and who isnt. i measured myself about a week ago and my waist is larger than 35 inches. yet i comfortably wear a size 11/12. i dont think i'm fat! those "assholes" who say i am are the ones who can kiss my "fat" ass! if it wasnt for people like them and doctors who are fat themselves telling me (and everyone else for that matter) that we need to lose weight, be thin and fit into a certain weight range we wouldn't have the self esteem issues, the eating disorders, the lindsay lohans who need to eat some crisco on top of some full fat ice cream. (she's discusting!) (my apologies, i'm rambling!) everyone is differnt. everyone has a comfortable body weight and size. we all cant be sticks even if we tried. i'm only slightly angry about this i swear. lol. and the fact that your teacher even said herself that its genetic yet still wants ya'll to be thin should shove it up her rear! i'm done talking about this. lol!

  3. Simon Says:

    Breathe... breathe... it's ok, she'll probably be smothered in her sleep by the stalker she's unaware of, the one that sits outside her window at night when the curtains are open and watches her silently whilst mumbling to himself about how she's not too good enough for him no matter what she thinks...
    too creepy?

  4. purplegirl Says:

    POD--actually, out of 65 students, I am the only one significantly overweight. There are one or two people who might be two BMI points above normal or something, but I'm really the only fatty.

    Jacque--rant all you want, god knows I do! I agree there are so many ridiculous disturbing aspects to this, and it drives me nuts that my degree program is further engraining those messages. It's enough to make me want to switch to something else sometimes.

    Simon--you absolutely crack me up. Not too creepy at all. ;)