I've been thinking a lot lately about how much money I make in tips, how it varies, and how it compares to my coworkers. It seems to me like the women of equal skill and equal experience, but who are conventionally slender and/or pretty, make a lot more money than me in general. It also seems like I tend to make more money in general when I had the section of high tables, where people are eye-to-eye with me, rather than their faces being at the same level as my stomach and fat ass. So I think they're perceiving me as less fat, and all the things associated with "fat".

It's similar to how I make more tips when I wear makeup or a push-up bra, and when my skin in clear. Tips ought to be based on service rendered, not appearance, but it seems like the closer you adhere to traditional beauty standards the more you make in tips. It really frustrates me.

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  1. Al Says:

    wow, i dont think i have ever tipped based on looks. if someone is hot and their service is shit they get nothing. if someone, no matter what their looks, is great i tip accordingly. They are not there to look good, they are there to provide service and are rewarded accordingly.

  2. Y'know, I noticed the same trend in tip fluctuation when I was waiting tables.

  3. Masquerade Says:

    Me too, and also how much I flirted. Made me feel a little dirty, to be honest ;P

  4. purplegirl Says:

    Al, I don't think it's conscious on the part of most people. I think it's just a result of social conditioning to regard less perfect people as less deserving.

    Irascible, that doesn't surprise me, I'm sure it's the same everywhere!

    M, I've often wondered how much flirting would increase my tips. Thing is I've never been able to flirt with men I DO like, let alone ones I want to punch for asking for more ranch! :)

  5. AZWaitress Says:

    Interesting theory. It's such a toss up though. Some people will fall into your theory, and some will just do their own thing and tip with no rhyme or reason.

    Speaking for myself as a gal that has been told I am very good looking, if a custie is going to be a jackass, he will be one with his tip regardless. My looks and great service STILL won't save me :P

  6. purplegirl Says:

    Oh, I know some people just suck regardless! I'm talking very broad trends. :)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I know of people who tip more based on looks. It shouldn't be that way at all.

  8. Barbie Says:

    I notice that a lot bartending. I'm the best bartender our place has but the younger/skinnier/ex pro-basketball cheerleader probably gets tipped double what I do regardless of her service (which sucks btw).. lame.