I went today to the local Cricket store and bought their broadband Internet. I kind of hate it, to be honest; only because I'm used to the crazy-fast speed of my Comcast cable internet. But I hate paying $70 a month more, and the Cricket thing is only $40, and it's tolerable.

And that's $30 a month I'm saving. I've been thinking about switching for a few weeks, since a friend of mine mentioned it. What pushed me over the edge in to doing it is the simple fact that I want to see a-ha twice! I bought a ticket to a New York show in case the LA shows sold out; but I was able to get tickets to an LA show for me and my cousins. But honestly, I'd still really like to go to the NYC show. It's general admission, standing room, which means dancing and fun. The LA show is seated and I'll have two teenagers in tow! I have frequent flyer miles to get me to one show, but the other I'll have to pay for.

  • So if I reduce my Internet, that's $30 a month I'll save.
  • I've put my gym membership on hold (no more late-night swims for me), so that's another $20.
  • I've thought about putting my Booksfree.com membership on hold too, especially since I've got so much school-related reading to do; that'd be another $20. The automatic payment for this month just went through, but I might do it next month. I just read so much it's hard not to keep it.
  • As much as I love it, I don't neeeeeed internet on my Blackberry. So that's $30 I've just saved myself by canceling that.
  • The only other non-essential thing I have is my Dish Network tv. And I really don't want to get rid of that. My weekly episodes of House, Bones, etc. are my entertainment.
  • I need to really focus on getting up early enough to catch the bus to campus. I've been parking at school a couple of times a week, which ads up quickly. It's just so damn convenient, especially when I'm exhausted (every day) and have three hours between classes where a car nap is quite refreshing!
Okay, so this isn't all in the name of a-ha; it's more general budgeting. But hopefully I can manage the a-ha stuff too.

2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nice that you are cutting back on all the things you really don't need. Saving $20 here and $30 there adds up. I pay way to much for the Comcast package I have now. They are so expensive!

  2. purplegirl Says:

    I already miss my internet on my phone! The lower tier Comcast works just fine though. I'm glad I got rid of my cable with them, Dish Network is SO much cheaper.