Writing a review of it, that's what.

I've got one out of 3-4 pages done on this; but to be honest, it's so dense and ridiculously complicated that it's very difficult to try to summarize. If you ever look at The Cult of the Saints and think, "hey, that might be interesting!" you're wrong. It's skull-explodingly horrid. And here I sit, banging my head against a wall trying to write about it--without writing in first person, and without saying anything insulting about it, considering this man is my professor's academic hero. Christ.

I need to just write this and not worry about it being perfect. This is really nothing but busywork anyway. I'm off academic probation; I'm not headed for grad school; I don't need to get a perfect score. I just need to get an average grade on this, and not be so hard on myself.

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