So commercials like this ...

and this ....

or this with semen-like salad dressing dripping past cleavage ...

Those are all okay. But apparently, ABC and freaking Fox refused to air this Lane Bryant commercial. I wonder why. Could it be because Ashley Graham isn't a stick figure?

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  1. vesta44 Says:

    I was telling my husband about this, and showed him the commercial, and he said ABC and Fox are nuts. He likes this commercial better than the ones for Victoria's Secret (he likes women with lots of cleavage - lol).
    I don't understand it, I don't see anything wrong with the commercial, I rather like it myself (and I think the model is hawt!). Seems to me that ABC and Fox are being rather short-sighted by refusing to air this ad. They'll not only lose lots of ad revenue, but they are going to upset a lot of women who watch their programs.

  2. purplegirl Says:

    The only thing I can think, other than blatant fat hatred, is that maybe it's somehow too scandalous because she leaves the house in just underwear and a trench coat. I don't see why that's worse than women prancing around in public mostly naked, though.

  3. Denora Says:

    So, leaving the house in underwear is not ok, but washing a car in a couple scraps of material and then eating a burger (ala Paris Hitlton's Carl's Jr. commercial) is ok? What a joke. I think Ashley Graham is hot, and if I could look anything like her, I'd be quite happy with myself. Screw ABC and Fox.

    (Also, I saw your comment on Kate Hardings blog, and I love it! That's how I got here)

  4. purplegirl Says:

    Hi Denora! I think Ashley Graham is absolutely smoking hot too. I don't know what the networks' problem with the ad is--like you said, that one Paris Hilton ad is soooo much worse.

    I love SP, and especially that particular post. So many a-fucking-mazing people. :)

  5. Really?
    With all the blatant nudity and sexual references in advertising?
    Our society is sick, but you know that.