I was honestly starting to wonder if I was going to pass my French class this semester. I've missed a lot of classes, between hurting my back, getting sick, getting sick again, depression bullcrap, and sleeping through my alarm. I've also not turned in quite a few assignments. On Friday in class, my least favorite teacher handed out grades. I have a 72.something percent. And I am so okay with that. As long as I don't miss anything more, I'll have a C for the semester. Which is good enough to satisfy the prerequisite for the next semester of French, good enough to maintain my GPA above the point where I need it, and good enough for it to be a completed credit so I'll (hopefully) get financial aid for my last year.

And hopefully my next French teacher won't be such an almighty bitch. Not that it's her fault I've missed as much class as I have, of course. Her attitude just sucks, she's sarcastic and short with everyone in the class, completely unapproachable. She's made me hate the class, even though I love the subject, so I'll be glad to be done with her.

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