And the cranky neighbors will be gone! Found out yesterday that they're moving. As are the people in half of the other building. I kind of hope that the management company can't find anyone to rent the one next to me, at least ... not having neighbors is so much more convenient! I'm not entirely surprised they're leaving--they've had electrical problems the entire time, and apparently mice too. Add me and my annoying music/dogs and ... well ... I WIN! HAHAHA!

Now, if I can just make the rest of June's rent money this weekend, I'll hopefully just barely be able to make July's rent by the 1st, and hopefully this unit won't be vacant too!

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    2 Responses
    1. mi Says:

      oi. mice freak me out.

    2. purplegirl Says:

      I grew up on a far, so they don't bother me. But I might feel differently if there were any on this side of the duplex! Of course, with three cats and two dogs I'm probably safe. :)