Right now, I'm technically unemployed. I quit my waitressing job in order to get my 401k money -- no other way to take my a-ha trip, and yes I do know exactly how responsible that is. I have a freelance job doing social media for a friend's company, but that's not a "real job".

The interesting thing is that in October, I'm going to be acting as a zombie in my friend's haunted house! WTF? Me? I've never thought I had any acting talent; I never thought I'd have anything to do with haunted houses. Mostly I never thought I had any acting talent. And I didn't audition; they just needed a zombie and stuck me in there. But they said I was great in the trial run this weekend. Of course I also screamed so much I screwed up my voice, so that could be a bit of a challenge.

I also never thought I would quit a job just go to see a band, but you know what? The idea makes me SO happy! I have a second row and a third row ticket; so that's 2/10 shows covered. I'm not sure if I'll make it to all of them, but I'm sure going to try.

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  1. Aunty Pol Says:


    You've done the respopnsible thing for a very long time...worked your ass off, the whole grown up thing. Life is too full of regrets as it is...take the chance to live abit..you won't regret it...besides..it's MORTON !

    I'm happy for you !

    LMAO..Zombie..is that a news skill set we can use in Vamp/Mafia ???



  2. Anonymous Says:

    Holy cow! You go girl!!
    Wish I had the guts to quit my job :(

  3. purplegirl Says:

    AP, you're so right. IT'S MORTEN! :D

    I wonder why there's no zombie wards .... or maybe there is. :)

    I don't know if it's guts of sheer stupidity, though. :)

  4. SkippyMom Says:

    I have a friend [barista brat - her name is Mi] and she is doing this exact same thing. And she just had a baby last year and she is taking him along - so I say GO FOR IT - I think it is a fabulous idea. They are retiring and seriously? Morton. C'mon.
    Wish I was going with you two also! Have a great time. Cannot wait to hear all about it.

  5. purplegirl Says:

    SkippyMom, Mi is like my bestest buddy! :) I was thrilled she got to go to their Royal Albert Hall show, I wish I could take her with me again!