My father is getting married.

I am less than thrilled about this, although I managed to hide it. Luckily my grandmother didn't erupt into tears of joys and screechings about wedding plans -- she was very calm as well -- so my lack of response wasn't as out of place. I couldn't bring myself to say congratulations or I'm happy for you, because the words just burned like acid in my throat.

I want to be happy for my dad. He does seem happy with her, I guess. But I've been through this before. He was engaged before, and broke it off. And the pattern seems to be repeating. Similar time frames; just got a puppy together; and this new one is starting to try to interfere with his relationship with me just like the last one did.

It's not a big deal -- yet. At this point he's just made a vague statement that I have to buy my own car insurance because it's "causing a problem" between them. I can't imagine how, other than her being pissed he spends money every month on me.

Whatever. My concern is this: if they do get married, how can I sit and watch the ceremony? I know my parents have been apart for years, and my mom is re-married. But she got married and didn't tell me until it was done, I didn't have to sit through the proceedings. I don't know if I can do it.

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  1. Did they do it?
    Yeah, she can't see the daughter getting any of the $$ they need to buy puppy food. Please tell me they paid an exorbitant amount for the puppy as it would make perfect sense.
    Sounds like trouble to me.
    I hope you had a good excuse not to go.