I went there for new shoes for work, my stupidly expensive hair conditioner, and a toilet seat (I got an all mighty ass pinching last night when mine suddenly snapped, that was lovely).

I came out with work shoes, other shoes, toilet seat, a small desk lamp (which I forgot to get the right bulb for), several mini lint rollers for my purse, and a swimsuit. But no conditioner, so I didn't really spend more than I intended. And I did need a new swimsuit--the one I have is actually a "bathing" suit, which means it's not made for moving, so swimming was pretty much impossible because the straps continually fall down. It has nice wide straps if I want to tan my back--by which I mean scald like a lobster and get skin cancer since I'm the whitest white girl ever--but not so good for anything but sitting still.

And I need to start going to the gym again. I'm tired of my muscles feeling weak. More importantly, I need to start riding the exercise bike in preparation (which is why I got the non-work shoes, which were only $12). I'm going to be a full time student next year, which means I get a free bus pass, so it's obviously not very cost effective to shell out $140 for a parking pass. Getting to class is no problem; fifteen minute walk up the street and hop on the bus. But to get home after class in the afternoon in time for work is going to require either jogging or a bike. This is because the bus I can take to school only leaves campus 50 minutes after my last class ends, so I wouldn't get home for an hour and a half after class ended. There's another bus I could take that leaves half an hour earlier, but would drop me off a mile and a quarter from home. And I'm a slow walker.

Of course, I could drive most of the way, park on my old street, and hop the bus, which would let me sleep an extra half hour and get me home quicker. But it doesn't solve the problem of getting from my second to third class three days a week, so we're back to the bike thing.

Which is why I need to start on the exercise bike. I haven't ridden a bike in about eight years, so if I try to hop on one and ride a couple of miles a day I'm going to be a sorry mess. And since I don't actually have a bike yet, the exercise bike will be my starting point. So, my gym stuff is in the washer right now, and I'm hoping that with new work shoes my legs will feel okay enough to give the exercise bike a spin tomorrow after work, and maybe a swim.

I've had this window open all day writing this; I can't focus worth a damn today!

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