When I was little, I watched Nick at Nite any time my parents would let me stay up late. I remember watching Mister Ed while waiting for our first litter of puppies to be born. I wasn't a big fan of Donna Reed or My Three Sons; but I was okay with Bewitched and Green Acres.

I started watching Nick at Nite again when I got cable on my own, mostly because I stumbled across a block of Roseanne and got sucked in. And then of course, there's Fresh Prince, and even when I was feeling super sugary, Full House.

Basically, it's always been older shows, a dose of retro. This year, they've changed their line-up a lot. They swapped out Roseanne for The Nanny; at least the Nanny is a different decade. Same for Home Improvement, which seems to have taken the place of Full House (okay by me). But in the last few months, they've started showing The George Lopez Show and Malcolm In The Middle. They're not even from a different decade! George Lopez only ended two years ago, and Malcolm In The Middle (which I despise) ended three years ago. And apparently in September they're adding Everybody Hates Chris .... which only ended a couple of months ago!

Why is Nick at Nite suddenly a dumping ground for any show that's over? I can see re-runs of 2000s shows on other channels. I like the nostalgia of 80s/90s shows. I can be nostalgic about elementary school, even to an extent high school. I can't be nostalgic yet about anything that happened after 2000.

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  1. I think it means we're swirling the cultural drain. Their ratings are probably slipping, so they bought a bunch of modern shows to reach a wider audience. Its sad. I wish there were more publicly-funded stations that would play old reruns, since it doesn't seem to be profitable. Old "Honeymooners" episodes or something... anything classic.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Heh, I remember watching Mary Tyler Moore on Nick at Night. That sounds a bit pathetic now that I've typed it.
    I'll go for broke and admit I was sad when TBS stopped having back to back episodes of Leave It To Beaver on when I got home from work. Yeah, I was 26, 27,28, and 29 freakin years old but watching the Beave helped release the stress. No matter how crappy my day was, at least I didn't get my head stuck in a fence, get a hideous haircut by Wally or fall into a giant cup of soup on top of a billboard like poor Beaver Cleaver.
    Ame in TN