A weekly(ish) series where I talk briefly about somebody who I think is cool for one reason for another.

I used to work at a Lane Bryant, and one of the advertisements we had in the store was a poster nearly as tall as me. It was an add for Seven7 jeans, and showed a pretty dark-haired girl in a garden, looking over her shoulder. I absolutely loved it. Sometimes when I was alone in the store I would stop and just look at it, and her. When I left, I wanted to take it with me as a wall decoration--it really was a beautiful photograph, in addition to the woman being lovely. I had no idea who she was until last fall, when I opened a Glamour magazine and there she was!

Who she is: Crystal Renn, former straight-size, current plus-size model.

What she's done: Ads for Lane Bryant and Torrid, all sorts of magazine spreads, finale dress at 2006 Gaultier show (right).

Why I love her: Renn started out doing traditional modeling early in her career, and was at one time a size zero--in fact, she weighed less than 100 pounds. Not that I put much stock (okay, any) in the BMI, but her BMI was about 13. And guess what? She wasn't happy. She didn't feel healthy. So she quit her job--on the verge of getting a $40k contract--and started eating again. She's now about a size 12, and absolutely smoking hot. And she does more than catalog work--she does the same sort of editorial layouts her skinny counterparts do, for Elle and Vogue and other magazines. She's also very open about how she struggled to fit into the straight modeling world, and how much happier she is now at the size her body wants to be. Even though she's not what I would consider truly fat, I think she's an awesome size acceptance role model. And because she's a model and therefore puts herself out there for people to oogle, I have no qualms about saying that aside from all the intellectual reasons I love her, she's a total babe.

Just as a comparison, here are two pictures of her. The left is when she was a "normal" sized model, and the right is current. Doesn't she look so much healthier, and sexier, now?

4 Responses
  1. K.H. Says:

    I love Crystal Renn. I think she looks gorgeous no matter what size she is or what she is wearing, lol. I would trade my size three body in a second if I could just be as gorgeous as her!

  2. Al Says:

    She is Stunning! she looks like a girl skinny but a beautiful woman a bit bigger.

  3. Aunty Pol Says:

    She is stunning. As a middle aged..ah hell...55 year old size 16 woman...I wish that we'd all get the F over size-ism . I look better and feel better now at what is actually a normal size for me than I did as a starved size 10.

    Sorry..rant over

    Hugs from Houston


  4. purplegirl Says:

    Rant as much as you want. :)