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One of the most annoying things about getting a new--or new-to-you--car is getting insurance. It's especially obnoxious if you've lost your license for any reason. A few years ago my mom lost her license (I don't even remember why), and had to pay for that SR-22 insurance or whatever it is. If you have any sort of poor driving record, you can feel royally screwed. But even just getting straight auto insurance is a big pain in the rear--especially if you're trying to get student car insurance and have zero idea what you're doing. I'm pretty sure the Geico agent I talked to when I first started college thought I was hilariously ignorant!

I guess that's why there's such a huge market for websites like AmericanCarQuotes. They have an index of different insurance carriers in your area--which is another thing I remember being a pain when I last tried to get insurance, not everyone is available everyone. Having a one-stop area to find a company that's near you and offers the type of insurance you're after can be a real assert.

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