Unless five thousand dollars falls from the sky, I won't be going to school next semester. And on one hand, I am utterly depressed by that. I'm going to forget the finer points of my French, I'm going to get out of the habit of studying, it's just going to suck. And I won't finish my damn degree until I'm 30.

But I'm trying to see the positive side of this--there are positives. For one thing, if I'm working two jobs, I should have no problems paying my bills for the first time in months! I'm getting really tired of having to borrow money to pay my rent.

Also, I'll have more time to do other stuff--I'll be out of the house more, but I won't have studying to get when I am home, so maybe I'll finally get the rest of this junk eBayed! And I can read more--I haven't been reading as much as usual both because of homework and because sometimes I just feel like my brain can't absorb anymore stuff.

I am worried, though, that I'll get so comfortable just working and being able to pay my bills that I won't want to come back when fall semester rolls around again. Having disposable income can, after all, get addicting.

2 Responses
  1. Purplegirl, I admire your perserverance and sense of humor.
    I hope $5000 dollars falls from the sky. Go buy a dollar lottery ticket and hope. It can't hurt.

  2. purplegirl Says:

    I've been thinking about that, actually. Wondering if maybe there's a winning scratch ticket in my neighboring 7-11 with my name on it. :)