I have a French oral exam in about forty minutes; right now I'm sitting in the student center, looking over some poems I have to critique for my creative writing workshop tomorrow. It's not quite as horrid as the short story stuff, but the brevity of the pieces almost makes it more frustrating. How can they screw up something so short? I'm by no means a great poet--it's not my preferred medium, although I do feel I've come up with a few gems (including one I turned in for this assignment, which I wrote specifically to use the word lordosis in a poem!). But once again, I find myself trying to critique pieces that lack a fundamental something, some spark, some sort of sense of creativity.

If this were a required class, maybe it wouldn't bother me so much. But this is an elective class, for god's sake, and everyone in the class seems to fancy themselves as so deep and unique and creative. And yet their work just reeks of juvenile naivete and ridiculous clichés. In a college elective like this, shouldn't you have worked past the "thirteen year old in love" stage? Good lord.

Two more class periods of this crap.
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