I'm spending most of the next two weeks in the town I used to live in, 80 miles away from where I live now. It's great, because I get to see my cousins, and all my friends. But I also have to drive home twice a week to check on my cats and get my allergy shots, so that's where I am now. It's very odd, to have spent the last two days at "home" and yet be home now, you know? Monday I worked at my old restaurant, and then hung out with my cousins. Yesterday I had lunch with two friends, hung out and watched a movie with one of them, hung out with my cousins, and then had dinner with two friends. Hooray for temporarily having a social life again!

Now I'm home, and I feel oddly sad, with my pets and my stuff in my house. But it's not something I can solve; I can't move back there without dropping out of school again, and that's not an option. And there are things I like here, anyway. So I feel conflicted. But I guess I just have to enjoy the temporary time back in my old life.

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  1. Simon Says:

    By the sounds of it, you are happier at home (friends, cousins, social life home I mean) so that would make me want to question why I'm doing what I'm doing at my own home (cats, allergy shots etc.)
    I (think) I understand it's for school... but is there no other options open to you? I know it's easy to say "No, this is the best thing to do" but if you really sit down and go through ALL the options, is there nothing else that would let you be back at the friends-cousins-social life home and still take your life where you want it to go? If not... then sucks to be you! Just kidding of course - you're doing the mature 'sacrifice' thing which I feel lucky to have never had to do to such an extent. (Long response, sorry!)

  2. purplegirl Says:

    Simon, you're absolutely right that I was happier in my old town. But because of a series of my own stupid decisions and screwups, the only way for me to realistically finish school is to live here. It is indeed that mature sacrifice thing. Fucking sucks. :)

  3. Simon Says:

    You're a better woman than me then sweetheart...

  4. purplegirl Says:

    Well, unless you had that sex change operation, I'd hope so. ;)