At least creatively. For my class tomorrow, I have to have the first 2-3 pages of a "long short story". I also need to write a "bad dialogue". I haven't been doing much for the last hour or so, other than trying to get started on that. The thing is, I don't have any story ideas. I quit writing creatively a long time ago, so it's not like I have ideas just sitting around. I was too busy working and studying for my French exam to think about it over the weekend.

The good news is I think I nailed my French exam! I did forget the proper article for one word and had to guess on it; and I forgot to how to spell one word on the listening comprehension. I was being just a little too literal, though. I had to respond to the question "Est-ce qu vous etes paresseux?" I immediately went to write "Oui, je suis assex paresseuse", but couldn't remember how to spell it. So I guessed. I could've said "oui, je ne suis pas sportive", instead of cudgeling my brain for how to spell the word.

Anyway, I still think I did quite well. Now I just need to get these damned writing assignments done for my class tomorrow; and then tomorrow I need to read about 100 pages for my exam on Thursday; and then on Wednesday I need to list beaucoup de stuff on eBay. I started working on that a little when I was sick, but I was too dizzy. And then too busy. And as usual my rent situation is going to be dire, especially since they went about took one of my work shifts away. Sigh.

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