(This is a sponsored post.)

The LG Bliss looks like a pretty sweet phone, so this contest is an awesome way to win one. The premise is to lose the "ugly"--which can be anything ugly--and win your (LG) "bliss". Second prize is a fifty dollar gift card. There will be five first place winners and 50 second place winners! One entry per FB account, and you have to be at least 18 years old.

From 9/11 to 11/6, anybody can enter by uploading a video or photo on the LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page. Check the widget on my sidebar to see example of uglies--some of them are hilarious. Or go to the Facebook page and check out The Gallery Of Uglies. Some of the suggested categories are:

• Trashy Trends (fabulously ugly fashion)

• Mutant machines (these mutant machines and outdated electronics belong in the junkyard)

• Ugly wonders of nature (naturally occurring wonders that make even the ugly tree look good)

• Ugly-mobiles (rides that are heading non-stop to Ugly Town)

Ugly behavior such as violence, indecency, or illegal activities aren’t tolerated. Photos of people are not allowed.

If I still had my ghetto buggy car, I'd totally upload a picture for this!


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