I've been really trying to save money lately; and one way I'm doing this is by eating only at home or at work. Unless someone else is paying. :)If I make it to Wednesday it'll be three weeks. Well, while we were waiting to eat Easter dinner today, my grandmother was going on about some fast food chain, and I mentioned my fast food fast.

And she immediately starts into the diet talk, going on and on about my third cousin (who is a nasty, hideous bitch--and I mean that about her personality) and how she's been going to Curves and she's lost six pounds!!11!!

I waited until my aunt was paying attention to this rambling, and I left the room. Unfortunately, she started on it again when I came back. Finally I interrupted her and said, "It's not a diet thing, it's a money thing." She looked a little nonplussed but shut up about it. And didn't give me any lecture about how such-and-such on the table was made with fat free whatever. Maybe she's learning.

3 Responses
  1. Simon Says:

    Thanks for putting me in your blog roll btw!

  2. Simon Says:

    The horrid stench of jumping to conclusions there. I too have not been eating out recently, also due to financial constraints. It does help the weight loss / control that's for sure. Same goes of drinkin' beer... I love a cold beer, but because of money worries I've had to cut right back and my figure has benefited. So its a happy coincidence is it not that sensible financial behavior can equal sensible weight management?

  3. purplegirl Says:

    I broke my streak after three weeks for food at my favorite Chinese restaurant. Sooooo worth it. :)