Apparently, United Airlines has decided to punish fat people for giving them money. Sure, other airlines have freaked the fuck out about the fatties before; but I don't remember any of them having the neat little clause UA has stuck in there. Basically, if you're too large to fit between the armrests, or need more than one seatbelt extender, you can be made to buy an extra ticket ... or forced off the flight without a refund. Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me? They can arbitrarily decide to just boot me off a place and keep my cash, with no obligation to provide any further service? For fuck's sake! How is that even legal?

Now, the last time I flew (other than a short flight to Vegas on a local carrier, which was quite different from a company like United), I was larger than I am now; and I fit in the seat just fine. I don't know if I needed an extender or not--I can't remember! I remember being terrified and horribly embarassed to think I might have to ask (this was pre-self-acceptance!) for one. But I don't think I had to. And I am still absolutely enraged by this. I read about it at Shapely Prose; between the original post and the comments, I can't say it any better. This is ridiculous and outrageous; it's shaming and dehumanizing; it's discriminatory and offensive. Please write to the CEO of United ( to complain and/or sign this petition against the policy.

2 Responses
  1. Masquerade Says:

    I'm SO glad you shared this. While I've never (yet) faced a problem with airlines, my mother REFUSES to ride planes if she can possibly help it for just this reason.

    Next we should petition roller coaster ride seats to be wider :P

  2. Simon Says:

    That is pretty fuckin' disgusting... I don't know how on earth they can get away with that. I'd love for them to try and enforce this, and to get sued to buggery.