So today, after only three months, my roommate moved out. When she first moved in, I knew she was planning to get an apartment with a friend in the summer; I knew it was going to be a temporary thing. That's part of why I was willing to try it, when I wasn't really sure how I'd do living with somebody else. But then her friend decided to enlist, and it looked like she might stay. That made me happy--we get along well, and spent many a night giggling over stupid things together. Now she's moving to a different state, and she took 99% of her stuff today even though she's not heading out until Thursday (she's staying at her dad's).

And it feels weird. It's so strange to sit here in my house and not be listening for her keys jangling. It's weird to have her bedroom door open, even though I've already put some of my extra stuff back in there. It's just weird all over, and I'm really going to miss her.

But at the same time ... I think it'll be good. I don't think having a roommate was good for me. For one thing, we encouraged each others' procrastination and overspending. For another, I think she's part of the reason I've been up until truly ridiculous hours so often. I mean, obviously I'm an adult and make my own decisions, I'm not really blaming her. But I realized this week that even when I did go to bed earlier, I didn't stay asleep. I woke up a lot, and would toss and turn, until about 10 in the morning, which is when she would usually leave for work. I think any little noise made me partially wake up because I was anxious.

See, my bedroom door is right across from hers. And I can't close my bedroom door at night without locking all the animals out, which upsets them. And I also have a tendency to take off my pajamas in my sleep if I'm too hot, or whatever. So I think I was subconsciously worried she'd come out her room and I'd be stark naked for her viewing displeasure! Also, I think having someone else in my personal space was just really subtly stressing me out.

So I would end up not sleeping properly until late morning, and then sleeping until obscenely late, which would then mean I couldn't sleep until some crazy hour. I mean, I've always stayed up late, but it's been out of control the last few months. I guess we'll see after a few days; but already since getting home from work I feel different and more relaxed. I'm even starting to feel sleep now, at 1:30, which is really early compared to the last few months.

Of course, with no roommate rent is all on me, so that's a whole different kind of stress!

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