A couple of weeks ago, all of my standards bras were ... well, they stank of restaurant. My standard bras for the last year were full coverage balconettes from Lane Bryant; the year before that it was plunge bras, but those suddenly started being really uncomfortable and became my backup bras. Well, the day I realized all my bras were fragrant, I dug out a backup lunge bra, and it was actually super comfortable again! So I've been wearing them daily since then, and it's made quite a difference.

For one thing, my back doesn't hurt. It's very difficult to slump while wearing one of these bras, so I've been standing up straighter, which means my abdominal muscles have been engaged more, which means my back hasn't been hurting--awesome.

And then there's this weirdness: my overall tip percentage at work has been a little better, even at times when I've blatantly screwed up. And even though I've been too lazy to put on makeup most days, which usually drags my tips down. If it were just tips from men, I could understand--but it's overall tips from everyone. This mystifies me. I'm not acting any differently. You know what I think it is? My tits being accentuated makes me look thinner. And being more acceptance means I "deserve" bigger tips.

But maybe I'm being too cynical.

2 Responses
  1. jacque Says:

    It could be because your standing up straighter and not slumping that u look and feel more confident. Which is always a good thing! Yes I think its utterly stupid that people base some of their tips on appearance as opposed to service but it is the sad truth! Go bras! (yes I just said "go bras" lol)

  2. purplegirl Says:

    LOL, "go bras" is my new favorite saying. :)