It really pisses me off when I just perusing the comments on a blog, which is about weight loss/gain/acceptance and life in general, and some random person has to jump in and basically say "Find Jesus and you'll be happy. He loves you and He's waiting for you!"

Yeah, because that has anything to do with anything. Especially someone talking about how she is happy despite regaining weight because she's realized weight isn't as important as she thought.

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  1. vesta44 Says:

    Yeah, and the only thing you can do on a blog, if it's your blog, is delete the comment. If it's not your blog, then you get to try to ignore it after you've already read it.
    I wasn't very nice the other day. I was sitting at my computer, which is right in line with our front door, and it was open. Some Jehovah's Witnesses came to the door and knocked on it. I got up, shut the inside door, and went back to my computer. I didn't talk to them, didn't look at them, nothing. Just shut the door and ignored them (mainly because, in my experience, if you talk to them, they will not take "no, I'm not interested" for an answer and will not leave unless you get nasty). They can't argue with a shut door.

  2. POD Says:

    Back when I worked in corporate America, my boss had hired this woman who was a nut. We were sort of used to her hiring nuts (not me!) So this nutwoman came to me one day and said something about a "devil's sweet roll" -- I can't really remember. But it was like she was saying the devil was making me fat. And that she (who was plumpish too) could help me with some details about how the devil makes us fat and there was some Jesus diet she could tell me about. She used phrases like "the devil's work" and "Jesus salad" and "Christ's cottage cheese." Well, this was all before I had a chance to smack her and knock some sense back into her head and get her the hell away from me.
    I kind of like the idea of Jesus..don't hang up yet. I mean the idea symbolizes love, acceptance, reverence for life etc. Not bad things. But when some "Christian" tries to befriend you because they judge you as fat, and decide to try to get you to buy into their anti-fat Jesus diet b.s. I am 100% sure isn't anything that Jesus would have done if the idea of Jesus were real.

  3. purplegirl Says:

    Vesta, if it'd been my blog, I would've been my usual sarcastic self. But it was somebody else's, and so I behaved. :)

    POD-Mmmmm, Christ's cottage cheese .... Freaking hilarious. :)