I was thinking about it, and I realized part on the reason I don't think I'd feel proud if I did get this degree in nutrition is because getting good grades in those classes would require giving answers I don't believe in. And although I realize a certain amount of sucking up/swallowing your opinions in necessary in the world ... the entire focus on my college's nutrition program is something I don't agree with. Okay, not the entire focus; there's some stuff in there that's really about nutrition. But a lot of it is "teh fatz r bad" and "diabetics should eat low fat, high carb" and other things that I know/believe to be wrong. I don't think I'd feel proud of getting a degree by playing along with things I think are outdated and incorrect.

Also, I can practically hear my dad's response to "I'm getting a history degree" already. And I know it's going to upset me. And I don't need the uncertainty creeping into my head again. So ... I'm not going to tell him. Or his results oriented, "it's a destination not a journey" family, either. Oh, I'll have to tell them eventually ... like when I send out graduation invitations!

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  1. Simon Says:

    Its your life sweetheart. If this is really something you believe it, then deep down your father should understand and support you in it. However, I know how much easier it is to just keep things to yourself...

  2. I say go for it - get that nutrition degree. Just "play along" with the party line as far as you must, but then burst on the scene with your new degree and your own research and CREATE the change you want to see in the nutrition industry. It's definitely time for a change, and we simply cannot rely on the old-timers to take care of it for us! "Be the hero you've been waiting for."

    I know I know . . . I should follow my own advice. It's tough to be the flower that sticks up. It seems like everyone wants to mow me down.

  3. purplegirl Says:

    Simon--the thing about my father is that he's afraid I won't be able to take care of myself when he's gone. He wants me to have a clearly defined set of skills so that he doesn't worry. I'm just glad he's quit calling me once a week in a drunken panic about the fact I'm not married off yet.

    RF--I'm all for rocking the boat, and if I were truly interested in a career in nutrition I would soldier on through to that end. It's just not where my true interest is, never really was.

  4. Simon Says:

    In this world today, it's hard to survive full stop. Can't he see you're doing a grand job as it is, without a "clearly defined skill set" or qualifications? As for being married off... does he want my number? hehe

  5. purplegirl Says:

    My dad's spent his entire life barely keeping his head above water financially; he just wants better for me. He's proud of me, he just worries.

    And I have always had a weakness for accents ... lol