I really don't understand how it's the 23rd already. Well, 24th as of 19 minutes ago. It seems like just yesterday I was paying May's rent, and now I'm days away from having to pay June's rent, and have close to zero funds with which to do it.

I feel guilty, because I did take a few days off. Mother's Day I'd planned to take off months ago; not that I even saw my mother, she flaked out on me as usual. But that was the night I went to see Fleetwood Mac, I bought the ticket in February. There was a Friday I gave away because I was feeling horrendous; there was a Sunday night shift I gave away to go see Dane Cook. At least I didn't pay for the ticket for that. And then there were two nights, including today, that I wasn't needed because they'd over-scheduled to have coverage for the patio and then the weather was cold and rainy. Shit, that's five days off. No wonder I'm behind. At least two of them weren't my fault, and one was planned far in advance. And actually, the days that I gave away my coworkers told me were damn slow, like $30 on the Friday, so I'd still be screwed.

I should have started listing shit on eBay a lot sooner; I kept meaning to, not realizing how late in the month it was getting. I've got 21 things listed now and another 11 so far starting in the morning. I probably won't get the money in time for rent, unless people are exceedingly prompt. Luckily, my Aussie ex is willing to help me again; he's very sweet that way.

Part of the problem is my damned credit card bills, which are all set up for automatic pre-approved debits, which is seriously freaking obnoxious. This is why I need another job, not that I've so far had responses on the few apps I've put out. Oh well. Nothing I can do but keep putting all the money I get right into my checking account and watch it siphon away.

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2 Responses
  1. Simon Says:

    Money problems suck. I'm dealing with a lot of them myself, hence the reason I can't sleep and have been getting into work at like 06.30. Running away to an island would be so easy, wouldn't it... if I wasn't such a wuss.

  2. purplegirl Says:

    I wish I could run away. I actually applied at two McDonald's today. That's how desperate for money I am.