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Sadly, I'm limited to blogger's built-in templates, or ones I jack from other websites. I just don't have the technical know-how to build a sweet-looking page. I used to, back in the day--like back in '93! Back then I could whip up a webpage in HTML from scratch. Then people invented all these fancy buttons and menus and java scripts, and I quit keeping track. Honestly, that's why I turned to Blogger instead of just hosting my own site for all my little ramblings. Maybe someday, though, I'll be a Dooce or a PastaQueen and I'll need to have a kick-ass website. Or, more likely, someday I might just want to have a cool webpage, and might shell out the money for it.

Web Hosting Geeks has a big list of web hosters and designers that could aid me in that, if I chose to do it. Some of the sites are under $10 a month, which I think is really cool. I always thought it would be a lot more expensive. There are even some blog hosting sites that are less than $5 a month.

Not that I need to spend the money. Oh no. Most definitely not! But if anyone out there is looking for a place, Web Hosting Geeks looks like a neat resource. They even have a list of green web hosting sites that run off alternative fuels! Have a cool site and use renewable energy! Very trendy.

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  1. Simon Says:

    It's not the layout, it's the content. Just because my site happens to look cool and refreshing, like being in a tube of toothpaste, I'd like to think it's the content that people come back for... don't stress the layout too much.