So I need to take summer classes if I want to, you know, not get kicked out. Which I knew. What pisses me off is that I applied for summer financial aid a month ago, never heard anything, finally called them ... and get told "Oh, you shouldn't have even been able to apply, you aren't eligible for any summer aid. Good luck getting a private bank loan, loser!"

Lovely. Now, I knew I might not get financial aid. I knew I might have to pay $2000 out of pocket for these two goddamn classes. But if their freaking computer system had been set up right, I wouldn't have even been able to submit the form. And I wouldn't have gotten an email saying "we've got it, talk to you in three weeks!" and therefore waited around.


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  1. Simon Says:

    Annoying this sort of thing isn't it? I'm waiting for a cheque for some money from a company who mis-sold me some loan insurance. At the time of filling out the forms, I was told it would arrive in like three weeks from the phone call I had. So what did I do? (Silly, stupid, I know) but spent the money on stuff I needed in anticipation of the cheque turning up. And what happened? It turns out it will turn up three weeks after they process the forms that I had to send back, which was TWO weeks after the phone call. D'oh! So now I'm skint. And I know I shouldn't have spent the money, but when you're told one thing when in fact it is something else... I agree entirely - bitches.

  2. POD Says:

    Taxpayers should give you both bailout money! Bitches!