A couple of my coworkers, let's call them Joe and Jill, got married on Saturday. Yay for them! I guess? I sort of got the impression they did it because her father is having serious health problems. They've been together a while, but still, the timing seems suspicious. Anyway.

Last Tuesday, the manager had made a sample of our new dessert for everybody to try. Jill wasn't there that day, but Joe was. So Joe asks the manager ...

"Are you going to be making one these tomorrow too?"
The manager says yes, and why?
"Well, I was hoping you'd hold off until the next day so Jill wouldn't be tempted when she works tomorrow."

At first, I thought, "he's seriously asking management to not show employees the new dessert we're selling because his fiancee is on a diet?"
Then I thought, WTF? Why is he asking? and I piped up. "Why does it matter?"
Joe says, "Because she has to still fit in to her wedding dress we just spent $XXX on!"
Everyone else seemed to think that was logical, but I couldn't contain myself. "ONE COOKIE is not going to affect that!"

I should've known I'd get attacked from all sides--here I am, the fatty taking about food! (grr)
Another coworker, who's always complaining about how she's sooooo fat, says "Yes it will!" A couple other people jumped in. Joe at least has a somewhat rational response--rational from the point of conventional wisdom, that is: "No, but one of everything she's tempted with might."

I just shook my head and let the group of ignorant people around me go about their jobs. I knew I wasn't going to convince them in those few minutes that:
a) the idea of looking as thin as possible for that one day is fucking insane
b) a naturally thin person is not going to become fat from eating
c) one bite of a dessert, even one entire fucking dessert, is not going to make her blow up even if she's not naturally slender
d) "succumbing" to one "temptation" doesn't mean you're going to eat everything in the world
e) it's wrong for society to be enforcing these ideas
f) I'm not just saying it because I'm fat.

(In reading this over, I can see how some might think Joe was being controlling, as well. But knowing them, I can say with almost 100% certainty that she asked him for this "help".)

2 Responses
  1. Simon Says:

    One desert does not a fat person make. I agree with you, I think there was an over-reaction there. However, I do know the kind of insanity that can affect a bride-to-be, so even though your arguments were sane and rational, a bride-to-be is often far from these things. Keep fighting the good fight...

  2. purplegirl Says:

    If it'd been the bride herself bemoaning it, I might not have said anything--everyone knows that at your first trip to the bridal boutique you get injected with straight crazy juice. :)