Whichever way this goes, part of me is going to be disappointed.

My friend who was thinking about moving in is still thinking about it; she has another option she's considering too. So at this point, it's up to her. If she wants to move in, awesome! My expenses will be cut in half! If she doesn't want to move in, awesome! I can still run around in nothing but my earrings!

I'm really warming to the idea, though. It might be nice to have company. It'd certainly be nice to have the extra money. And maybe I'd be a little more organized if I had to keep my shit straight instead of throwing it on the floor.

She hasn't come to look at the house yet; before she does, I have quite a bit to do. For example, I want to move my bed into the other bedroom. I think. I'm not sure why I chose the one I did; I think the other one is actually a little bigger. Certainly my furniture will fit better in there. I do feel oddly squirmy about it because it's at the front of the house, rather than the back, which means my neighbors will be walking by my bedroom window. I didn't think about it when I moved it, buy maybe that's why I put my bed in the other room. Obviously I have shades on the windows, but it still makes me feel odd.

But if I'm going to have a roommate I pretty much have to move into the other room--the way my current bedroom is set up I can't fit my bed, dresser, vanity, and bookshelf into it without blocking a window, heater vent, or closet. And the potential roomie has less stuff than me. But of course I don't want to have to come look at the place and then have her move in and have my room have changed, so I'll need to be working on that. Along with a million other things.

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