I didn't get enough sleep; which is my own stupid fault. When I woke up, I was really hoping I could persuade my grandmother to reschedule her appointment. I wasn't looking forward to a seventy mile drive in the snow. But I'd told her I'd take her, and she said she couldn't reschedule, and so I got in my car and headed out. I traded cars with my dad (long story), picked up my grandma, and headed south. There wasn't time to eat beforehand after all, which sucked. Five hours later I dropped her off and headed to work.

I feel bad saying it, but spending that much time alone with her is absolutely exhausting. Every time, it's the same conversation. I hear about my great-uncle's heart problem, and how my dad should stop drinking. I have to explain how the carpool/toll lane works again. She points out, every time, the church she has a craft show at, and how to get there. She tells me when to get into the next lane to exit the highway, usually at the wrong time. When I try to tell her that I've already heard the story she's repeating, she continues anyway. And it's just exhausting to try to feign interest in things I've heard a million times. I suppose that makes me a horrible granddaughter.

I got home two hours ago, and have spent most of that time sort of idly killing time--starting to do something, then feeling nauseated or headachy and lying down again. Maybe sleep will help, maybe I'm just over-exhausted. Or maybe it's got something to do with having eaten once today, about 11 hours ago.

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2 Responses
  1. Simon Says:

    You're not a horrible granddaughter - I have a grandma who's in her 80's, incontinent, can hardly move, can hardly hear or see - but when you do have a conversation with her, it's the same stuff over and over - it IS exhausting. That's why I'm being stripped naked and sent out into the arctic when I hit 70. Save everyone the pain.

  2. purplegirl Says:

    Good idea. Just make sure you don't get confused and end up in the Antarctic. Penguins aren't nearly as efficient a disposal method as polar bears.