I knew that one of my classes I'd only scored a D in. The other, I thought I had a high B. So imagine my surprise when I logged on and had a D listed for both.

Turns out that there's an entire category of stuff that had grades listed, but that weren't added in to the final grade. No, that's not confusing.


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  1. That just makes me mad. You know profs can change your grade, right? They say they can't, but they can. Especially if it looks unfair. Sure looks that way in this case.

  2. purplegirl Says:

    I thought about protesting it; but I don't think it would do any good. I've had this professor before, and he's sort of a hardass about things. Add to that the fact that, even though the way scores were posted was deceptive, the syllabus stated what was and wasn't included .... and I just fucked up.

    At least I didn't get an F!