So when I first found out on Wednesday that my financial aid appeal had been denied, I called them right away to find out how many semesters I had to pay out of pocket before I could go through the process again. The girl I talked to said two, which is why I started panicking, calculating a budget, etc. My original plan if I were denied was to continue with this semester anyway, and re-appeal in the spring (because then my excess loan money would cover part of fall too), so I was thrown into a bit of a tailspin.

After spending the last three days panicking, crying, freaking out, making plans, feeling sick to my stomach, and sleeping an unhealthy amount because of depression ... I got a call today from a supervisor from the financial aid office. Turns out, the girl I talked to was full of crap. My original plan can now be re-instated! It's not ideal; it could be a little tricky trying to pay enough of fall tuition to be able to register for spring. But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it--right now, I'm just so thrilled that I can take the classes I've been looking forward to for months.