So I just whipped up a spreadsheet, and determined that with all monthly bills, and to save up a year's worth of tuition in a year, I need to make $2100 a month. With a projected serving income of $1000 per month, I'd need to work 30 hours a week at $10.85 an hour or 40 hours a week at $8.14 an hour to pay my basic bills and expenses and save up tuition within a year. Alternatively, I'd need to make $1400 a month at a full-time job (which is what I made at my old retail management job) plus work about four shifts a week serving.

Of course, that doesn't take in to account possibly going to London, or taking any time off ever, or any emergencies, or anything positive like a (hopefully) fat tax return. Or anything more practical like me not being able to maintain a 60-70 hour work week. It also doesn't take in to account paying off my damn medical bills that are sucking my credit down the toilet. Realistically, I'm looking at more like 1.5-2 years before I'll have the cash saved up.

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