So if you've been to my blog before, no doubt you'll notice it's different. I'd been fiddling with the title of my old blog for a while, but ultimately I decided to move it over to a new URL, as "amireallyfat" really has nothing to do with the content anymore!

Also, if my layout is screwed up in your browser, can you please leave me a comment? I ask because I looked at it in IE before moving blogs and it appeared fine; post-move it's sorta messed up. But it looks fine in Firefox and Opera mini, and I don't know why it'd be screwed up anyway since I didn't change any of the coding.

4 Responses
  1. Aunty Pol Says:

    It's fine on my browser sweetie...I've added you in to the blogs I follow


  2. Simon Says:

    Welcome to your new home. Nice title.