and bought another humidifier. Mine died a sad death, and with my financial woes--and the fact that I was hoping to replace it with an identical one, but it's been discontinued--I've been without for several months. Not so good with the sinus issues--I swear I could feel my sinus lining cracking, and I've been getting daily headaches. Doing my lovely disgusting sinuses rinses helps, but it's also hard to do as often as necessary to really help--I can't do it too close to bedtime, or it runs down the back of my throat while I sleep. I can't do it before work, because for a couple of hours afterward if I lean over the salt water runs out my nose. So basically, I can only do it when I'm home for the next three hours without sleeping or heading to work.

So I bought a $20 humidifier at the Wally World. It seems to be working fairly well--my room already smells misty--although I prefer the kind that puts out visible mist. But I'm looking forward to going to bed tonight, snuggling into my warm fluffy comforters and falling asleep to the hum of the fan and the smell of mist.

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