I feel like things aren't going well today. I did finally get my October rent money, but don't have long at all to come up with November. I got written up at work for something that was only partly my fault. One of my coworkers was apparently complaining that I don't do my share of the closing work (which is bullshit). I'm trying to do my French homework and I feel like my brain is just blank. I'm hungry and don't have any food, but also feel too depressed to go get anything.

I hate days like this.

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  1. Simon Says:

    If I get in moods like that, I find doing something completely against routine helps. Walk round the house naked (with the curtains drawn obviously!), take a bath in your swimwear, lie on your back on the floor for 15 minutes with your eyes closed, take a walk late at night (in a well lit area!), lock yourself in the car and scream as loud as you can for 5 minutes. These might not help, but it's all I could come up with on the spur of the moment..

  2. megaphon Says:

    I looove your suggestions!

    What an awful day. I know those problems - especially that Where-am-I-going-to-get-my-rent-money-part and the one with no food, but lacking energy to go and buy some. Remember that by this the only person you are hurting is yourself and that turning your frustration into sth self-destructive will NOT make you feel better...

    What works for me is taking control of my thoughts, not thinking about things I cannot change (Grant me the serenity ... blah blah) plus completing a little task that has been neglected for a while. Like you've never got around to cleaning the dishes, answering a letter, doing some paperwork you've been trying to avoid. This will make you feel successful, like "Whoa, this day sucked ... but at least I brought those books back to the library!".

    Hope you get better!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    People your age should own a home, not pay rent from income made as a fucking WAITRESS.

  4. Some guy Says:


    too harsh. way too harsh.

  5. purplegirl Says:

    Simon, megaphone, thanks for the great suggestions. I ended up just crawling in to bed, but I'll remember those the next time I'm in a funk!

    Some guy, thanks for the support! I'm not bothered by the comment, though. :) The opinion of anybody who has nothing better to do than repeatedly troll the blog of somebody they've never met, well, just doesn't carry any weight to me. I'm just glad I'm not a judgmental asshole like that.