I'll be honest, I never heard of Livestrong Day until I saw it on POD's Twitter feed. I've been trying to figure out something to write that won't sound trite or snobbish; but the fact is my family has been very fortunate so far, and I haven't known anybody with cancer. My experience with it has been limited to waiting on people in restaurants who have mentioned it, and losing a few pets to cancer.

Still, I wanted to do something for this day, to at least contribute and spread awareness a bit. I'd originally thought to make pineapple mimosa cupcakes to go along with the yellow theme ... but between school, work, and being oddly exhausted all week, I put it off too long and my pineapple molded. C'est triste. Instead, I have only this inadequate blog post.

For links to some moving stories about living with cancer, please read POD's Livestrong Day blog post.

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  1. Hey Purplegirl!! I've known many people with cancer and have several types of it in my family. I didn't even realize it was Livestrong Day, so I'm happy to see this post. Thanks for the post - off to check out that link now...