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Sometimes it seems like every other commercial I see on television is for insurance of some sort--especially since Geico has so many different ones. There's really a bewildering array of insurers, and I know that with car insurance at least, it's rather daunting. I was looking in to getting insurance a few months ago, when all the auto drama was going on, and I wish I'd known about PremiumAutoInsurance.net. It would have made it much easier!

Basically, it's a search engine for insurance companies, so you can get Free Auto Insurance Quotes.You just start by putting in your zip code, and it pulls up a list of insurers with discounts for your area. One of them I didn't recognize, but the others were Geico, esurance, etc.--the same ones I see dozens of commercials for. Esurance's commercials irritate me, but I figured I'd give the system a try. Then I did Geico, since I used to have insurance through them a while ago. The two quotes turned out to be pretty similar to each other, and the rate if I were to pay for six months at a time is a bit lower than the current policy on my as-yet-unnamed-Trooper.

The quotes were easy to get, less than five minutes a piece, and with just the standard info you'd usually need. Since the insurance on this one is actually in my dad's name, since it's his car, I didn't go through the process with the other three suggested companies. It's definitely something to bookmark for later use though--there are so many companies out there, it's nice to have a tool to winnow it down to just the ones with the best rates for your area!


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