(This is a sponsored post.)

My kitchen is functional, but only barely. The work area is sort of a L-shape, with the fridge and stove next to each other on the short side of the L. Then there's a blank wall, which is the closet of the room on the other side. The long is of the L is very limited counter space, bisected by a double sink. There's a decent amount of empty space to move around in, but not much in the way of cabinets or shelves. If I could re-arrange it, I think I'd move the stove and fridge to the corner where the table is, just against the opposite wall; and make more counter space where they are. Or maybe put a rectangular table there, and use a moveable island for more counter space and storage.

I wish I could enter the Maple Leaf kitchen makeover contest ... but, alas, I'm not Canadian. If you are, the contest runs through December 15th--just go to the website and enter your email address daily. Maple Leaf is giving away a $32,000 kitchen makeover, or one of 12 Frigidaire fridges stocked with chicken. A cool new fridge and a bunch of poultry? Sweet! Also, everybody who enters will be eligible for a $500 rebate from Frigidaire!


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