I have a French test tomorrow, as well as a quiz over a book for my history class. I have to go see my dad for dinner tomorrow (not that I don't want to, just the time issue); that's after the maintenance guy comes to change my furnace filter sometime in the afternoon.

Then I have a history writing assignment due Thursday, as well as a French oral exam, and a meeting with my creative writing teacher about my fiction "portfolio" that's due next week. Which is comprised mostly of a story that I haven't finished. Considering the teacher's comments on the last story I turned in, and the extremely low bar set by my classmates, I just haven't had any particular urge to really work on it.

I need to list more stuff on ebay in the next couple of days so I have any hope of getting the money for the things in time for November rent; I have laundry and general cleaning to do; I have a history exam next Thursday and one the following Monday, so I need to start studying for all of those; and I'm working about 35 hours this week in addition to all of that.

Any somewhere in all of that, I need to make time to do a serious job search, because I've had about all the shit I can take at my current one.

For now, I think I'll crawl in to bed.

2 Responses
  1. Some guy Says:

    I am curious, why French?

  2. purplegirl Says:

    I did both French and German in high school; I just have never liked the sound of Spanish (although I've learned a tiny bit of it now), and my high school didn't offer any other languages. I thought about doing something else in college, but decided that instead of learning a spattering of a fourth language, I'd work on one I had a start in.

    I went back and forth about which language to do when I started this degree; ultimately I ended up with French because I figured German would be easier for me to learn on my own if I wanted to.