I logged into Myspace today, and this is the ad that popped up. Seriously--does anyone look at this and believe that this is really THE MIRACLE WEIGHT LOSS DRUG?

The women are both brunettes, and both in red bikinis. Other than that, zero similarities--oh wait, we can't tell that, because the fat woman's face is blurred. Because a woman who would be comfortable wearing a bikini at a very large size would clearly be shy of showing her fat FACE in an ad.

And a woman who went from being very fat to ridiculously skinny wouldn't have any stretch marks, or any loose skin, or any other sign, or any scars from cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin. Oh, wait, maybe that's a benefit of this acai berry stuff--it causes you to lose weight AND skin!

Basically, I saw this and laughed, because clearly some ad genius out there thought having two clearly different women in the same color bikini would fool people. And then I felt sad, because I know that there are women out there desperate enough over their weight that they WILL let themselves believe this.

I haven't read much about acai berry--anything touted as a weight loss magic bullet, I tend to blow off. After reading a couple of web pages, I will say this: acai berries appear to be a healthy substance, lots of antioxidants and even some omega-3 fats. There are definitely more dangerous and harmful "cures" for teh fatz!!!111! Still, I shudder to think how many women are going to jump on this latest miracle and end up more self-hating and despondent than before.

Then again, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the ad does picture the same woman, who actually did experience a weight loss miracle. But my natural skepticism just tells me, no.

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