My restaurant had a particular pasta bowl that I really liked, although hadn't had in quite a while. I found out it was being taken off the menu, and yesterday was the last day it would exist. So ... yesterday, for lunch, I had said pasta bowl. OMFG, big mistake. Since about half an hour after eating it, my intestines have felt like they're trying to burst through my abdominal wall. Even sadder, it wasn't as delicious as I remembered. I'm assuming that's some sort of carb-fogged recollection.

After a day of not eating much, and what I did eat being mostly protein, I'm feeling better. But still like sleeping for about two days.

And startling my dog loudly by singing along:

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  1. POD Says:

    I guess you know now why they took that pasta bowl off the menu.

    (thanks for your comments over on my blog)
    I still have one post for you to read about the same issue. I have to go back and find out what date is was posted.

  2. POD Says:

    (that one (and still another)

  3. POD Says:

    Nuts in May (post is called) and it was published in May 2008 (during my chemo)

    Anyway, read them when you're bored. They are about fat haters!! dammit.