1) I suck at packing. Seriously. I had a few boxes that were clearly labeled .... but most have a random amalgamation of things. You know, a box of candles, one strappy shoe, a couple of purses, a lint roller, nail polish, and some CDs.

2) I also suck at unpacking. I moved on August 1st. I have unpacked a bare minimum of things. Most of my clothes are still in boxes. Most of my CDs and movies, all but three pair of shoes, etc. etc. My spare room is full of boxes, most of which I have opened and rifled through trying to find things, so they're not even stacked neatly.

3) I have a slight addiction of Bath and Bodyworks soaps. So far, in two different boxes, I've found twelve bottles of the stuff. WTF do I need to twelve bottles of soap at once?

4) Despite conquering my addiction of Bath and Bodyworks lotions (by which I mean, quit buying them), I've still got about fifteen bottles and tubes of lotions. I don't use lotion. I don't have time after showering to stand around waiting for stuff to sink in. I never have used lotion on a regular basis. Why did I buy it all? Well ... it smells pretty! This is ironic considering most of the time, I can't smell anything. Even post-sinus-surgery, my olfactory nerves aren't working so well.

5) I have a lot more candles than I realized, also. And bought more a couple of weeks ago. See above re: "irony".

6) My cooking utensils (stirring spoons, etc.) are not in any boxes labeled "kitchen".

7) I have three different types of deodorant and two bottles of identical facial moisturizer. I am, however, down to only two spare tubes of toothpaste.

8) Hey, I found my nose lube! Yeah, I said nose lube. My sinus doctor told me to coat the inside of my nose with KY Jelly to keep it from drying out. See? NOSE LUBE! HA HA HA!

9) Lack of packing skills can potentially lead to catastrophe. When my dad came to pick up my stuff when I moved, there was a picture of my mother and her new husband I hadn't packed yet. I stuffed it in the first box I found. I took my sewing kit to my dad's last night to repair something. Want to guess which box I'd stuck that picture in? (He didn't actually see it, despite the fact we later ended up screaming about my mom.)

10) I have Visine that expired in 2006. May of 2006, to be exact. Also Airborne that expired May of 2007.

11) My "vanilla" pudding tastes like banana. Hmm. Not moving related; more taking a break from my most strenuous unpacking.

12) Reading She Just Walks Around With It is much more entertaining than trying to find a place for all the random debris of my life.

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