But this isn't a tragedy, or even a comedy of errors. I said in my earlier post that if I'm going to eat sugary, carby stuff, shouldn't it be something better than Country Buffet? Well, damn right! It was even ickier than I remembered.

Oh, it wasn't all bad. Their salad bar has improved--there was actually a mixed greens salad, rather than just plain iceberg lettuce. There were two kind of melon; there was grilled chicken, ham, and steak.

But, there were breaded and friend clam strips and shrimp; stuffed baked potatoes; a big gooey vat of macaroni and cheese; "buttery" rolls; mashed potatoes and gravy; etc. etc. I had one popcorn shrimp--it was very chewy. I had two bites of half a stuffed potato--it was really dry. I had about a 1/4 cup of macaroni and cheese, which wasn't bad. But generally ... ick!

I did have about a 1/3 c of peach cobbler, because my grandma's friend had had it and said it was good. It wasn't terrible, but it did make my tongue feel fuzzy and in retrospect it was just sort of sweet and vaguely peachy. I had no desire to eat any more of it. I feel no craving for anything else along those lines. I did have an inclination toward stopping at Qdoba on my way home hours later, but that's less to do with carbs and more to do with being addicted to their three cheese queso. :) Is this how "normal" people feel, not drawn toward different foods inexplicably, merely having the thoughts pass through the brain and move on?

Watch--tomorrow I'm going to be gagging for chocolate, just because I had the temerity to say I wasn't craving things. :)

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