This was SUCH a WTF day. In every way except nutritionally, I think. I really don't know what my fucking problem was today. The day started out pretty alright. I slept okay, and I woke up in plenty of time for work. Shortly before work, someone called and asked me if I'd like to work tonight for her. I was pissed at the beginning of the week because I didn't have enough shifts, so I thought, cool! I'll work my lunch shift, work through the dinner rush, and then get to head home.

Yeaaaaaaaah. People are douchehounds. I had one table leave me a 41 cent tip. The only thing "wrong" with their service? The chick didn't order the small salad, she ordered the large, but said she didn't. So she got the extra salad for the price of the smaller one. Another table left me 81 cents. There were a couple of things that took me a while to get them, but not that bad--not that warranted a two percent tip. Another table was a giant pain in the ass, insisted on jamming two adults and FIVE kids into a four person booth, and again didn't tip me well. Etc. etc.

Now, normally, this stuff doesn't bother me. Occasionally I get cranky. But most of the time it doesn't affect me for long. I can let it pass. Today, I ended up a basketcase, crying in the bathroom and struggling to hold it together. I don't know why.

On the plus side, I didn't emotionally eat. On the negative side, what the fuck? I'm not PMSing, I'm not off my Prozac, I'd eaten good meals so it wasn't like my blood sugar was wacked-out .... it was very frustrating.

I started feeling better toward the end of the night, but once I got home I started feeling extremely depressed, and following my typical Very Depressed pattern of moping around, wasting time, and staying up too late. I can even identify it as a pattern, yet I feel like my actions are moving along on their own, separate from my brain.

I hate these days.

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